Who We Are

We are a number of youngsters who wants to make some differnce in this world through social works. So we formed a society in the name of AIKYAM, which resembles the unity. We know that a group of youngsters can do anything in this world, and thought why don't we use it for social wellfare. We want help individuals as well as the society to enrich and bring up to the forefont. We have registerd our society.

What We Do

We would like to concentrate on the social wellfare of the society and we would like give a platform for the people to be a part of the social work. Lot of people are willing to help others, but there is no amble fecilities. Here AIKYAM would be platform for them. We would like enrich the society with moral values and provide education for the needy. We also want to promote people for self employement. Also want help students by endowments.

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